Welcome to Lakeside Soccer

Have you been selling SmartRaiser Cards? If each player sells just 10 cards, Lakeside Soccer will make $10,000. Each card is just $20 and pays for itself with a couple of trips to Moe’s, Tropical Smoothie, Grub, Willy’s or the movies. PLUS, there are lots of discounts for stores outside of the Lakeside area, so it can be used for shopping, hotels, restaurants, and so much more. Each purchase is assigned to one phone so a family may want a few “cards” so each purchasing family member can collect the discounts. And remember, the discount lasts for a year from the day you download the app, so you have a full 365 days to collect your discounts.

Here is the link to start selling!!!!

Congrats to everyone who participated in tryouts. The rosters are posted here.

Head over to the registration page if you still need to pay your dues,

Check the website or on our Facebook page for more up-to-date information.